Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is the first post to my entirely new blog.

I hope to document my progression as a writer, tracking my introduction to different writing styles and genres all the way through to contacting agents and publishers.

Upon writing this post, i have self-published one short story to the amazon market place and currently have a fictional travel memoir in editing. I’ll be tracking what is sure to be a turbulent time as i query ‘Sounds of a subcontinent’ whilst also writing my current work in progress – a historical fiction novel based in 17th century London during the great plague.

First short story.

My first short story ‘The most anticipated interview in history, perhaps.’ i have to admit, is rough around the edges.

It was written in complete incompetence – i have never received literature training of any kind. I wrote my first short story, with all honesty, through the boredom of unemployment.

I had just left my final job in Australia with one month remaining on my visa. I had my room lease in Sydney remaining with no chances of ever finding a job with one months commitment.

So i painted, when my wrists were sore i read, when my mind was exhausted i painted, and so i passed my time.

One day, after having breakfast with my partner before she set of to work. I crawled back into bed, lifted my laptop, peeked at it through the bed sheets, and didn’t know exactly what i was waiting for.

After some time of silence (other than the never-ending flight arrivals which shook the house) i began to write.

I wrote of a future on planet earth, a future in which all species were able to communicate. I wrote of human beings wanting to make first contact with mosquitos and ask ‘why are they so annoying’???

I fell in love with the process readers of this blog will recognise – i saw the word count growing as the story transferred from my mind to the screen. Even now upon writing this blog i am smiling from the feeling of achievement it gave me.

Throughout the day, i wrote a short story of just over 2’000 words.

When my partner returned from her laborious day in the office, i must have been like an excited puppy greeting her at the door.

‘I made something, i made something’ I told her.

‘Another picture? Hopefully some food?’ She asked.

‘No, i wrote. I wrote a story.’ I told her. With her also being a lover of literature i caught her interest.

We read through the story together, laughing and enjoying the light-hearted tale – changing a few things here and there in the raw, unedited file.

That first short story, as raw and quite unbelievable as it was, led me to attempting full-length novels today.

So that’s how unemployment led to me falling in love with writing. I considered it serendipity, however financially crippling, i haven’t stopped thinking about what i could write ever since. It’s like my mind is constantly yearning for another story or lyrical line for a current work. In that month i gained more with my passion for writing than a final pay check ever could have given me.

This post is very much a hello from me and a get in touch in the comments to you. I hope to interact with fellow writers, as i attempt to grow both my writing knowledge and abilities.

In the future posts i will talk of how i have approached the challenge of changing point-of-view from 3rd person past-tense to 1st person present-tense in my latest work.

I also plan to host a weekly poetry competition on my blog. In which i will post one of my own poems before seeking works in the comments. I will allow the posts to run for 48 hours (to allow for time zones) before i read through the poems and select my favourite. The winners poem will receive it’s own post on this site with the author honoured including their personal twitter/instagram/facebook/wattpad profile as they wish.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,


I had so much fun writing my first story that i designed a book cover for it.
For contact, you can find me personal twitter account here….